HKMA Discussion Started

Arcartera Limited has been in close contact with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) since the beginning of the public e-HKD discussion. A discussion paper was recently published, with 12 questions attached, to continue paving the way for an official digital Hong Kong Dollar, potentially as Stable Coin:

1. Do you agree that e-HKD can bring potential benefits as described? Do you see other potential benefits?

2. How can e-HKD implement the suggested use cases better than the existing e-payment means? Apart from programmability, what other technologies would bring new use cases for e-HKD?
3. How do you see the demand for e-HKD as a means of payment? What other design features would promote the use of e-HKD?
4. Do you agree with the description of challenges brought by e-HKD? Do you see other challenges? Are there any other measures that can mitigate the adverse impacts of e-HKD? How would these measures affect the attractiveness of e-HKD? 
5. How can e-HKD assist in the detection of illicit activities while preserving user privacy at the same time? 40 e-HKD: A Policy and Design Perspective 
6. What types of financial institutions should be responsible for distributing e-HKD? Should the functionalities of the e-HKD wallet be allowed to differ among the financial institutions? 
7. How should e-HKD be designed to achieve interoperability with existing payment systems? Are there any technological barriers that would prevent the acceptance of e-HKD? 
8. Should there be different types of e-HKD wallets based on the level of personal information required? If so, what should the corresponding transaction/holding limits for each type of wallet be? 
9. Are there more design considerations to be included in the e-HKD study? Would you be able to identify some trade-offs around such considerations? 
10. How could the private sector contribute to the e-HKD journey? 
11. Are there any other legal considerations, in addition to those discussed in this paper, which should be considered in designing a legally robust e-HKD? 
12. Are there any other policy considerations which are relevant to e-HKD but not covered in this discussion paper?

AP Flowchart

Arcartera Protocol Whitepaper Flowchart

Arcartera Coin and Token have been minted

The Arcartera Coin and it’s Utility Token have both been successfully created on the Ethereum Layer 2 Network Polygon.

The contract address for the Arcartera Coin is:


Arcartera Coin is used to pay for Merchant Fees of Stable Coins (Such as HKD Token) that have been created on the Arcartera Protocol.

With the growing numbers of merchants, the need to purchase this coin will grow and the market demand will likely push the price higher.

There is a total supply of 88 Billion Coins, with an initial Liquidity Pool of around 55 Million Coins.

Arcartera started the Whitepaper

Preparing for first rounds of seed-funding, Arcartera Limited has started to write its white-paper, declaring its company vision, mission and more. Please visit this page to rear our current progress, and visit again regularly as it is constantly being updated.