Arcartera is a blockchain for the architecture engineering and construction industry (AEC). We use smart contracts to bring building environment to the Web3.

Unlock the Power of Web3 for the AEC Industry

Put BIM Files to Blockchain, Define Contractor Payments, and Increase Security

Arcartera Protocol focuses on blockchain infrastructure for the AEC Industry. We use smart contracts to bring the building environment to Web3. Smart Contracts play a major role in our eco-system.

In total we focus on 8 key areas that benefit the Construction Industry.


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Arcartera is bringing the benefits of Blockchain to the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The AEC industry is known for its complex and multifaceted projects, and Blockchain technology offers a solution to improve efficiency and transparency in these projects.

One major benefit of Blockchain in the AEC industry is the ability to securely share and access project information in real-time. With Blockchain, all stakeholders – including architects, engineers, contractors, and clients – can access and update project data in a secure and tamper-proof manner. This improves collaboration and reduces delays caused by a lack of access to critical information.

Another benefit of Blockchain in the AEC industry is the ability to track and verify the authenticity of materials and components used in a project. By using smart contracts and RFID tags, Blockchain technology can create an immutable record of materials and components used in a project, ensuring that they meet the necessary standards and regulations.

In addition, Blockchain technology can also improve the efficiency of the bidding and procurement process for AEC projects. By using Blockchain-based platforms, contractors can submit bids and proposals in a secure and transparent manner, reducing the risk of fraud and corruption.

Overall, Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the AEC industry by improving collaboration, transparency, and efficiency in projects. We hope this video has provided you with a better understanding of the benefits of Blockchain in the AEC industry and how it can be applied to improve the building process.

Arcartera Limited is a pioneer in building Blockchain Applications. Before specialising on Architectural Blockchain, the team had built guidelines for Web3 Payment Systems and received a letter of Appreciation from the Monetary Authority of the Hong Kong government. HKMA is the defacto Central Bank of Hong Kong, making Arcartera the first blockchain start-up to receive such endorsement.

This payment system is now also part of the company’s Contractor Payment System. It utilizes Tokens on Shards while running on an ecological friendly Carbon footprint.

ARCA is a digital token, created for the exchange and transfer of data and value on  Arcartera’s payment network. It is also used for staking and to govern community funding,

Its supply is disbursed over time to drive near-term growth and long-term sustainability. ARCA value is designed to increase with a rise in usage volume, the number of coins is fixed.

Learn more about our Stable Coins here.

Blockchain Protocol Stablecoins

Provider of Block-Chain Infrastructure

Arcartera has not only developed its proprierary Architecture Protocol, but also is a premier partner for governments and corporations that seek to implement Blockchain into their existing or new-to-built IT enviroment.

Among others, we specialise on:

Block Chain Infrastructure

NFT Non Fungible Token Infrastructure

Ledger Infrastructure

A digital token for a digital economy

ARCA is a digital currency created exclusively for the exchange and transfer of value and information on the Arcartera Protocol. It’s first applicatoin will be for the companies’ Contractor Payment Gateway.  In future, ARCA will expand to more countries, bringing unlimited potential to its value.

Initial Coin Offering Value:


Token Type



$ARCA Max Supply



$ARCA Circulating Supply


Coin Offering Phase

$ARCA Staking Bonus

28.88 %

per annum

Buy, Hold, and Earn Rewards on ARCA

When you buy ARCA Coins, you potentially profit from future price appreciation. Beyond price gains, you can stake ARCA Coins to start earning staking rewards today.

Join the ARCA staking program and earn 28.88% per annum for holding ARCA.

Blockchain 2

Accelerated and Sustainable Adoption

Arcartera is revolutionizing on- and offline payment systems with practical applications of blockchain. We are building best-in-class decentralized solutions for rapidly-growing industries to drive the sustainable adoption of the Arcartera brand across our core verticals. First project is out HKD Token for the Hong Kong market.

Token-Utility-Market Fit

$ARCA is used in Arcartera’s ecosystem for participation on the Stable Coin Payment Network, earning staking rewards, incentivizing ad views and engagement on the Loyalty Scheme Programme.

Virtuous Ecosystem Loop

The Arcartera ecosystem includes the Payment, Loyalty Programme, Digital Content, and AdTech industries. Retail users buy and earn $ARCA on our payment networks. Businesses buy $ARCA to reward users and to pay for processing fees. Arcartera will buy-back and burn $ARCA to reduce supply. Traders and investors buy $ARCA to profit from the market dynamics.

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Total supply

88 Billion

Current Supply

55 Million


Polygon (MATIC)

Working Partner of the Hong Kong Government

"I am writing to thank you for your thoughts and feedback on the HKMA's e-HKD discussion paper."
Colin Pou, Executive Director HKMA
Colin Pou
Executive Director HKMA