Thank you FinTech Week

We highly appreciate the opportunity to support the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022 as designated speakers. A special thanks has to go to Finoverse, the organizers of the event, as well as to Hong Kong HKMA and Invest HK who gave the initial sparks for us to follow this path.

We will post the speech soon, how Blockchain can benefit the AEC Industry (Architecture Engineering and Construciton).

In the photo Left: Arthur Ha Ming Chak, Arcartera Limited Chief Complience Officer

In the photo Right: Gregor Hans Schoener, Arcartera Limited Chief Executive Officer

Photo Credits: Finoverse Limited

Arcartera Protocol Founders at the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022: Arthur Ha Ming Chak and Gregor Hans Schoener

Speaker at FinTech Week

Arcartera Limited’s CEO, Gregor Hans Schoener, will be a speaker at this year’s FinTech Week in Hong Kong. HKFTW (Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022) invited Arcartera to be a designated content supporter at the event.

Creator of the Arcartera Protocol, the company focuses on Blockchain Infrastructure for AEC. AEC stands for Architecture, Engineering and Construction, a field that is widely believed to benefit most from the introduction of Web3. This industry is often critiqued because of its inefficiency and low productivity. Smart Contracts can control Building Management and trigger payments to Contractors. Arcartera. had previously been endorsed for their Stable Coin payment gateway by the HKMA, Hong Kong’s defacto central bank.

It is for the team’s vast knowledge and experience in Blockchain Development that their CEO was chosen as speaker, and naturally his speech will concentrate on how Smart Contracts can benefit the Construction Industry.


Gregor Hans Schoener studied Computer Science in Germany before emigrating to Hong Kong. He speaks 7 languages fluently and strongly believes that Blockchain should have real life use cases with revenue streams in place.

Arcartera is a Hong Kong based Developer of Blockchain Infrastructure that has previously received an official Letter of Appreciation from the country’s Monetary Authority (HKMA). 

Gregor Hans Schoener is a speaker at the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022

Blockchain for the Construction Industry

New video is online now:

How Blockchain can benefit Architectural Engineering and Construction 

The construction industry is often critiqued because of its inefficiency and low productivity. 

The disaggregated structure of the construction industry, its sequential nature where works need to be done in a sequential and chain resembling system, and the number of stakeholders with different interests involved in each project are named as root causes of its problems. 

Blockchain is one of the tools that can help to overcome the acknowledged lack of trust and inadequate information sharing technologies in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Blockchain, due to its working system, would eliminate the need for trust between the parties or the need for confrontational contractual relationships due to the lack of trust. 

We have identified six areas of blockchain technology’s applications in the built environment sector: 

  • 1)  Smart contracts
  • 2)  Supply chain Management
  • 3)  Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • 4)  Facility Management
  • 5)  Sustainability
  • 6)  Metaverse


A smart contract can be defined as a computer program consist of if/then statements dividing the work into smaller measurable work packages and automating the process of compliance and payment. 

The conditions where each work package or milestone is considered complete is defined, and the completion of each one would trigger the predefined compensation automatically. 

The information recorded in blockchain would clearly show who is responsible for what work at what time. Any tempering and change in the project data would make that block of information invalid, and it is fully traceable to the party at fault. In other words, the data recorded in the blockchain network is secured and tempered proof. The underlying assumption of construction contracts is that most of the rights and obligations of stakeholders are against each other. This environment is in direct contrast to the new collaborative project delivery methods, such as BIM requires. 


The decentralized and fragmented structure of the construction industry’s supply chain very well pair with the decentralized ledger system of blockchain. Blockchain can provide the infrastructure needed to securely and reliably advance material traceability. Smart contracts can play a role in supply chain management and material tracing too. Both supplier and buyer can be assured that they are going to get compensated for their money/product by using a smart contract. 

Building Information Modeling (BIM) 

The introduction of BIM to the AEC industry provided a shared data environment where all the information is stored in a shared project file. The location and maintenance of this shared data environment presented a new challenge. Blockchain technology is a promising solution to such a problem. An always current distributed ledger system with high security, which can be used as an infrastructure for maintaining up to date BIM models during the project Lifecycle between the 

involving stakeholders. BIM provides a single project environment where all the information regarding the project is created and stored there. Blockchain provides a single platform to maintain and update that project environment and connect it with the reality of site work. This would provide a time-stamped, tampered proof data. 


Integration of blockchain and BIM or Building Maintenance System (BMS) would provide a reliable integrated system which can provide the complete history of the project and also trace every detail of the building to its source. Furthermore, this integration can stretch to the future and use smart contracts when maintenance is needed to automatically place a work order and upon the verification of completeness, release the payment to the contractor. 


The material transparency discussed in supply chain section would have an impact in sustainability in areas such as whole life cycle cost, carbon emission estimates, and raw material verification. For instance, the designers or users can make a sustainable choice by using material traceability through blockchain up to the source of any product’s raw materials. 


Existing CAD files for a real world building project can be converted into a Meta-Verse, to be shared among designers and also with customers. Once approved, the Meta-Verse displaying the actual building can be a place for Sub-Contractors that are responsible for a particular material or location, fulfilling their smart-contracts mentioned above. 


Arcartera Limited has a strong team of Blockchain Software Engineers. Our knowledge can assist your Architectural journey to the blockchain. Contact us today to learn more about what we have done already and what can do for you.

Contact Arcartera Limited for more details on Blockchain benefits for your government or company, we develop custom infrastructure solutions for you.

Press Release HKMA & Arcartera

PRESS RELEASE, Hong Kong 22nd July 2022

HKMA recognises Arcartera’s work on Digital Blockchain Assets

Arcartera Limited, a Hong Kong based Developer of Blockchain Infrastructure, has received an official Letter of Appreciation from the country’s Monetary Authority. 

Governments around the world are aware of the rapidly changing financial environment brought to us by Crypto Currencies. Keeping this objective in the spotlight, they have been putting in a mixed effort to influence the use of those digital assets.

Though a major concern has risen over the regulation of block-chain products, Arcartera Limited has chosen to embrace officially endorsed government works, in contrast to many decentralised tokens such as Bitcoin.

The team had been developing Web3 Infrastructure for many years, with a special focus on stable-coins. These are tokens that are usually pegged across a fiat, or physical currency, which act as the means of moving in and out of trading cryptocurrencies.

Involving governments in improvising and creating their own stablecoins would provide them a source for practicing conditional cash transfer programs under profitable conditions. Realizing such potential benefits of inducing digital currencies within the current system, Arcartera Limited has been putting in some great efforts.

As an answer to these efforts, Arcartera received an official Letter of Appreciation from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) on the 19th of July 2022. This letter was based as an appreciation for the consultation and feedback provided on the e-HKD token, a project where the HKMA plans to set up their digital currency, which would act as a stablecoin. The e-HKD token would be developed across the blockchain technology, and it would significantly act as the electronic Hong Kong dollar for the users.

As HKMA has been working on creating this digital innovation, they issued a discussion paper earlier this year, which was taken as the basis of the feedback by Arcartera Limited. The letter was sent as an appreciation reply for such an in-depth overview aligning with the current conditions. Talking about the feedback provided by Arcartera Limited, it also constituted a complete technical proposal that outlined the outlook of the digital innovation along with the risks that would be associated with its creation and utility.

Arcartera’s founders have put in their role in building blockchain technology and assorted infrastructure for many years. Getting an official letter from such a renowned government organization is a great endorsement of their work and efforts in the industry.

The team is looking forward to the HKMA’s official report on the project that is to be published in the later months of 2022, which would enable them to provide further cooperation toward positive development.

HKMA Stable Coin Letter of Appreciation Hong Kong Monetary Authority Arcartera Limited

HKMA signs LOA

On July 19th, 2022, HKMA has issued an official Letter of Appreciation to Arcartera Limited, for their their consultation and feedback. As Hong Kong’s official monetary authority, HKMA plans to build a digital currency, a so called stable coin, based on blockchain technology, an electronic Hong Kong Dollar.

In the letter, HKMA thanks Arcartera for sharing their thoughts on the e-HKD discussion paper which was issued earlier this year. Arcartera had made a technical proposal, detailing how such electronic Hong Kong Dollar could technically look like, and what risks may be involved. 

Arcartera’s founders had been involved in building Blockchain technology and infrastructure for many years. An official letter from such renowned government organisation is a great endorsement for their work. The team shall look forward to HKMA’s official report which will be published later in 2022, and potential further cooperation is highly anticipated.

About HMKA

HKMA is Hong Kong’s official Monetary Authority.  It is Hong Kong’s central banking institution. It is a government authority founded on 1 April 1993 when the Office of the Exchange Fund and the Office of the Commissioner of Banking merged. The organisation reports directly to the Financial Secretary.

About Arcartera Limited

Arcartera Limited was registered in May 2022, but its founders have many combined years of experience in crypto-technology as well as blockchain infrastructure. The creation of stable coins as a means of electronic payment is one of the company’s core strengths. The company consults blue-chip listed corporations in their transformation from WEB2 to WEB3 with block-chain integration into their existing IT environment. It’s two directors are Greg Schoner and Arthur Ha: Greg worked for Germany’s largest bank where he implemented the first internet banking structure in 1998. Arthur has intensive experience in Service & Payment environments. Together they look forward to revolutionise the emerging crypto world. We invite you to learn more at .

HKMA Stable Coin Letter of Appreciation Hong Kong Monetary Authority Arcartera Limited

HKMA Discussion Started

Arcartera Limited has been in close contact with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) since the beginning of the public e-HKD discussion. A discussion paper was recently published, with 12 questions attached, to continue paving the way for an official digital Hong Kong Dollar, potentially as Stable Coin:

1. Do you agree that e-HKD can bring potential benefits as described? Do you see other potential benefits?

2. How can e-HKD implement the suggested use cases better than the existing e-payment means? Apart from programmability, what other technologies would bring new use cases for e-HKD?
3. How do you see the demand for e-HKD as a means of payment? What other design features would promote the use of e-HKD?
4. Do you agree with the description of challenges brought by e-HKD? Do you see other challenges? Are there any other measures that can mitigate the adverse impacts of e-HKD? How would these measures affect the attractiveness of e-HKD? 
5. How can e-HKD assist in the detection of illicit activities while preserving user privacy at the same time? 40 e-HKD: A Policy and Design Perspective 
6. What types of financial institutions should be responsible for distributing e-HKD? Should the functionalities of the e-HKD wallet be allowed to differ among the financial institutions? 
7. How should e-HKD be designed to achieve interoperability with existing payment systems? Are there any technological barriers that would prevent the acceptance of e-HKD? 
8. Should there be different types of e-HKD wallets based on the level of personal information required? If so, what should the corresponding transaction/holding limits for each type of wallet be? 
9. Are there more design considerations to be included in the e-HKD study? Would you be able to identify some trade-offs around such considerations? 
10. How could the private sector contribute to the e-HKD journey? 
11. Are there any other legal considerations, in addition to those discussed in this paper, which should be considered in designing a legally robust e-HKD? 
12. Are there any other policy considerations which are relevant to e-HKD but not covered in this discussion paper?

AP Flowchart

Arcartera Protocol Whitepaper Flowchart

Arcartera Coin and Token have been minted

The Arcartera Coin and it’s Utility Token have both been successfully created on the Ethereum Layer 2 Network Polygon.

The contract address for the Arcartera Coin is:


Arcartera Coin is used to pay for Merchant Fees of Stable Coins (Such as HKD Token) that have been created on the Arcartera Protocol.

With the growing numbers of merchants, the need to purchase this coin will grow and the market demand will likely push the price higher.

There is a total supply of 88 Billion Coins, with an initial Liquidity Pool of around 55 Million Coins.

Arcartera started the Whitepaper

Preparing for first rounds of seed-funding, Arcartera Limited has started to write its white-paper, declaring its company vision, mission and more. Please visit this page to rear our current progress, and visit again regularly as it is constantly being updated.