On July 19th, 2022, HKMA has issued an official Letter of Appreciation to Arcartera Limited, for their their consultation and feedback. As Hong Kong’s official monetary authority, HKMA plans to build a digital currency, a so called stable coin, based on blockchain technology, an electronic Hong Kong Dollar.

In the letter, HKMA thanks Arcartera for sharing their thoughts on the e-HKD discussion paper which was issued earlier this year. Arcartera had made a technical proposal, detailing how such electronic Hong Kong Dollar could technically look like, and what risks may be involved. 

Arcartera’s founders had been involved in building Blockchain technology and infrastructure for many years. An official letter from such renowned government organisation is a great endorsement for their work. The team shall look forward to HKMA’s official report which will be published later in 2022, and potential further cooperation is highly anticipated.

About HMKA

HKMA is Hong Kong’s official Monetary Authority.  It is Hong Kong’s central banking institution. It is a government authority founded on 1 April 1993 when the Office of the Exchange Fund and the Office of the Commissioner of Banking merged. The organisation reports directly to the Financial Secretary.

About Arcartera Limited

Arcartera Limited was registered in May 2022, but its founders have many combined years of experience in crypto-technology as well as blockchain infrastructure. The creation of stable coins as a means of electronic payment is one of the company’s core strengths. The company consults blue-chip listed corporations in their transformation from WEB2 to WEB3 with block-chain integration into their existing IT environment. It’s two directors are Greg Schoner and Arthur Ha: Greg worked for Germany’s largest bank where he implemented the first internet banking structure in 1998. Arthur has intensive experience in Service & Payment environments. Together they look forward to revolutionise the emerging crypto world. We invite you to learn more at www.Arcartera.com .

HKMA Stable Coin Letter of Appreciation Hong Kong Monetary Authority Arcartera Limited
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