Arcartera Milestones & Roadmap




2022, March

Company Formation

Arcartera Limited was established in the Hong Kong S.A.R. of China in March 2022 with the initial goal of creating a Payment Protocol utilizing a Stable Coin backed by the Hong Kong Dollar.

2022, April

Submission of Arcartera’s protocol to the Hong Kong Central Bank

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has solicited input from companies in the Blockchain and Finance industry regarding the Hong Kong Stable-Coin initiative. Arcartera has responded by submitting its proposed protocol.

2022, July

HKMA issues Arcartera a letter of appreciation

Colin Pou, the Director of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), has personally acknowledged and signed a letter recognizing the protocol submitted by Arcartera. We were honored to receive such recognition from a Central Bank as a Web3 start-up, which further reinforced our confidence in our endeavors.

2022, August

Focus on AEC Industry

Hong Kong’s thriving economy has been built on the pillars of finance and construction, and thus, Arcartera made a strategic decision to venture into the specialized market of creating Blockchain solutions for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Recognizing a gap in the market, we initiated our efforts with the development of a Payment/Stable-Coin Protocol, which was soon complemented by innovative ideas to enhance supply chain management, facility management, and other areas through the integration of Smart Contracts.

2022, November

Speaker at the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022

t is a well-known fact that several companies pay to secure speaking engagements at Web3 events. However, in the case of Arcartera, we were invited to participate as a Designated Content Supporter. Fintech Week recognized the uniqueness of our cause and granted us a non-sponsored speaking slot to discuss how Blockchain can effectively enhance the AEC industry.

2023, January

Arcartera listed on HKMA’s website & global press release

In addition to the personally signed Letter of Appreciation, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has officially listed Arcartera as a supporter on their website and included us in their global Press Release. We are greatly honored by this recognition and look forward to further opportunities to collaborate with esteemed organizations such as the HKMA.


2023, March

Bloomberg mentions Arcartera

Following our presentation at the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022, a journalist from Bloomberg approached us and remarked that Arcartera is poised to make a significant impact by creating solutions for a tangible industry with real-world applications. Following our inclusion on the HKMA website, Bloomberg published a Press Release about our achievement. For more information, please refer to our  news section for all details.

2023, March

Speaker at the Hong Kong WOW! Summit

Arcartera’s efforts are gaining recognition, and we have been invited once again as designated speakers. We are privileged to join a panel at the Hong Kong Web3 WOW! Summit where we will be discussing the critical subject of “Blockchain and Corporate Governance.”

2023, May

$ARCA Listed by Coin Market Cap

Exciting news for ARCA token holders as $ARCA gets listed on Coin Market Cap based on external DEX data, marking a significant milestone for Arcartera’s ecosystem. This listing paves the way for an upcoming verified official listing, further enhancing the token’s visibility and accessibility in the cryptocurrency market.

2023, June

Discussion with Hong Kong Construction Industry Council started

Arcartera’s collaboration with HKCIC marks a significant milestone in their mission to promote blockchain adoption in the construction industry. Through joint efforts, they aim to empower Hong Kong’s property developers with innovative solutions, driving efficiency, transparency, and collaboration in the region’s booming $35 billion construction sector.

2023, August

Arcartera to speak at CBC 2023 in Hong Kong

Arcartera’s was invited to become keynote speaker at the upcoming CBC 2023 (Construction Blockchain Consortium)

2024, February

Arcartera launches Arcartera Neo

Arcartera has launched their next Contract Code allowing a deflationary tax for their new token called ARCN (Arcartera Neo)

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