Arcartera Officially Listed by Hong Kong Central Bank

Hong Kong Government Continues to Embrace Crypto and Digital Assets, Invites Participants to Provide Guidelines on Stable Coins

China, Hong Kong, 1st February 2023

Arcartera Limited is a web3 start-up that is building blockchain infrastructure for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The company is a pioneer by having an actual unique use-case for blockchain technology: It’s protocol has the potential to improve AEC segments like Facility Management, Supply Chain Management, as well as Architect and Contractor Payments. With the Hong Kong Government continuing to embrace crypto and digital assets, Arcartera Limited is proud to announce that they have been officially listed by the Hong Kong Central Bank as a participant in their Stable-Coin Project.

As part of their work on Web3 Payments, Arcartera developed a protocol that can also be beneficial for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). This protocol was submitted to the HKMA in 2022 and has been officially endorsed by them. The inclusion of Arcartera in their official report on the government website further underlines Arcartera’s work and the recognition it has received from a central bank. This is a significant achievement for Arcartera Limited and highlights the potential of blockchain technology for improving payment systems in the AEC industry.

Gregor Hans Schoener, Arcartera’s CEO, expressed his pride in this achievement, saying, “We are extremely proud of this achievement. It’s a milestone for any web3 startup to be recognized, but being officially mentioned on a government website really shows our ambitions for the Arcartera Protocol and the whole AEC / Blockchain industry.”

Arcartera Limited is a blockchain infrastructure start-up that was founded in January 2022. The company’s primary focus is on building blockchain-based solutions for the AEC industry, and it has quickly achieved significant milestones in this area. In addition to being listed as a participant in the Hong Kong Central Bank’s Stable-Coin Project, Arcartera was also chosen by the Hong Kong FinTech Week as a designated speaker to discuss how blockchain can benefit the AEC industry.

For more information about Arcartera Limited, please visit our website at, or follow our Twitter or Telegram at @ArcarteraLTD.

Arcartera Limited officially listed by HKMA
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