Arcartera Protocol brings together 3 main components:

The ARCA Coin, the ARCA Utility Token and a Stable Coin.


ARCA Coin (Arcartera Protocol) is used for merchant payments on the Stable Coin network. Merchants pay small fees for transactions that are processed on stable coins that were build using the Arcartera Protocol. ARCA Coin is also used for staking and is deflationary. A total of 88 Billion Coins are minted, with an initial 55 Million Coins in Circulations. There is no new Mint Function Embedded, the Coin is Deflationary and expected to raise in value in its life cycle. The more stable coins we launch, the more merchants will need to process payments, the bigger the demans will get.


ARCA Utility Token is not a tradedable asset. It is used for reward points, loyalty schemes and other data stored in association with Arcartera’s Stable Coin network.


Arcartera develops Smart Stable Coins for Governments and Merchants. Hong Kong Dollar Token is a Concept Stable Coin that we use to demonstrate the capabilities of the Arcartera Protocol.

We welcome you to get more details at, and read our WHITEPAPER to see how payment and smart contracts can benefit the construction industry.

Below you can find a video that gives a brief introduction how our stable coins work: