Milestones and Roadmap Arcartera Protocol

2022, March

Company Formation

Arcartera Limited was founded in March 2022, in the Hong Kong S.A.R. of China. The original idea was to develop a Stable Coin based Payment Protocol, based on the Hong Kong Dollar.

2022, April

Submission of Arcartera Protocol to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority

The Hong Kong Central Bank has requested companies to submit their consulting on the Hong Kong Dollar Stable Coin project. Arcartera submitted its protocol.

2022, July

Hong Kong Monetary Authority issues Arcartera a letter of appreciation.

Colin Pou, HKMA’s director issued and signed a letter, acknowledging Arcarteras submitted protocol, and thanked us for our work. A hand-signed letter, from a Central Bank for a Web3 Start-up showed us that we are on the right track. 

2022, August

Expansion from just Payments to Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Hong Kong’s success has been based on two strong pillars,  finance and construction, so Arcartera decided to move into the niche market of developing Blockchain Solutions for the AEC industry. Nobody was doing it, and our Payment Protocol was a good start that was quickly joined by ideas to improve Supply Chain, Facility Management and more through the development of Smart Contracts.

2022, November

Invitation as Speakers to the Hong Kong FinTech Week

It’s not a secret that many companies pay to become speaker at Web3 events, but Arcartera was invited as Designated Supporter. The organizers thought that our cause is special and gave us a non-paid slot to talk about how Blockchain can improve the AEC industry.

2022, January

Arcartera officially mentioned on the HKMA website & press release

IIn addition to the hand-signed letter of appreciation, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority decided to mention Arcartera on their website, in their official Press Release. We are extremely excited for this acknowledgment.

2022, March

Bloomberg mentions Arcartera Limited

IA Bloomberg journalist had seen our speech during FinTech Week 2022 and said that “Arcartera is on to something big” because we “are doing something for real-world use-case”, for an actual industry. After the HKMA had included us on their website, Bloomberg followed up and posted a Press Release about our achievement.

2022, March

Arcartera is Speaker at the Hong Kong WOW! Summit

Our hustle continues, Arcartera’s work is being recognized and we were invited again, designated without the need to sponsor, as speakers for the Hong Kong Web3 WOW! Summit